Freight Forwarding Software Solutions

Shared Logistics, Anytime, Anywhere. Easy-to-use logistics system at affordable price!

Easy to Start

You can be up and running in minutes. All it takes is an internet connection to get you up and running. There is neither a need for complex implementation nor for any upfront fees, for digitalization your logistics industry.

Easy to Own

There is no need for purchasing dedicated hardware. No need for IT support. New features are released and existing features are being updated automatically at no extra cost. There is no risk and no commitment to subscribe the software.

Easy to Use

There is no need for any specialized technical skills. A rich library of helpful video tutorials and “how to” documents is at your disposal. Our comprehensive solution comes loaded with templates and guiding wizards “Do it yourself” customization.

Easy to Excel

Personal workspace with “to do” lists helps you be efficient by prioritizing your tasks. Management dashboards help you make better decisions. Collaborative features allow customers and partners to share and view relevant information.

What is a Freight Forwarding Software?

Freight forwarding software is the tool freight forwarders use for their daily operations including communicating with customers, partners, agents, and carriers. Full life cycle freight forwarding software will include CRM, quotes, documents, shipments, accounting, and management's view and control.

BuxByte is a pioneer in freight forwarding software introducing the first web cloud-based solution for the Freight Forwarding industry. Since the inception of the project, the idea was to enable Freight Forwarders to become digitize in the technology era. Cloud computing allows Forwarders to set up what is essentially a virtual office to give them the flexibility of connecting to their business anywhere, any time.

Our objective is to revolutionize the traditional Freight Forwarding processes. Looking to make the change and introducing a new concept in the industry for the digitization of the Freight Forwarders; we had to consider different aspects of our design. One of them was “Collaboration Efficiency”, Collaboration in a cloud environment gives your business the ability to communicate and share more easily outside of the traditional methods. Hence why we introduced the concept of “Shared Logistics” whereby we enable Freight Forwarders to share the information instantly with their clients; at the same time to share the shipment information electronically with their agents or their international offices to have seamless communication.

Freight Forwarding Management

Manage your freight from end-to-end, including documents, email templates & notifications to customers, dashboards & other business tools. Our software solution ensures that you stay on top of your freight management needs. Our forward-thinking SaaS platform features Shared logistics (Track & Trace), mobile access to customers, access to CRM, and a customizable system to meet your needs, and much more!

Costs & Profit/Loss Analysis

Manage your payments and receivables process with advanced features and reports from Estimated and Actual Costs, through Profit for Shipments in Consolidations to Vendor Invoice & much more...

Invoicing & Collection

Create invoices for customers using any currency, and in any language. Forward invoices to your customers via the BuxByte system and track your payments and collections.

Cargo/Shipment Quotes

Manage your quotes by offering customers adjusted quotes for their freight that are seamlessly turned into active shipments. Our cargo management software enables your customers to have the latest consignment prices.

e-AWB Software Capability

We help you to move your freight forwarding business go paperless! Reduce your costs and improve your business productivity as part of the IATA initiative by using our forwarding software.

Online Freight Management Software For All Logistics Activities

Regardless of the business size, sphere, and market share, the BuxByte interface makes changes with great potential for productivity improvement. The cloud logistics software allows business personalization and new extras to be added regarding the individual company’s future needs.

Every company receives what it needs. BuxByte allows a company to operate with a bigger stock size without depriving employees and divisions of the significant interaction with the inventory. Eventually, a company can link its financial potential and expenses with quality products.

Revolution in freight forwarding business is nowadays driven by tech innovations. In delivery and stock management processes they are no longer just recommended, but instead, crucially required. Online freight management software aims to optimize the entire business management. This is what BuxByte does.

BuxByte – The Right Logistics Software Solution For Your Freight Forwarder Business

Does your company urgently need a logistics optimization system? Are you ready to dive into the global digitalization process by immersing alongside your business logistics system? If you are positive, then, prepare your logistics divisions and process for total customization with innovative freight forwarding software.

The profound changes inside the business environment are currently in need of a simplifying model for logistics management. Today’s top trade competitive advantage is bringing a good or service to the customer at the right time and the right place, with no delays or complications for the company to handle the calculation processes per delivery. BuxByte freight software has been made just right for this general logistics mission.

Designed to suit any size or type of freight forwarder, the BuxByte freight forwarding system brings primary benefits a logistics company and its employees can take.

BuxByte is simple to be integrated, used, and modified according to the company’s future needs or personal requirements. Last but not least, it is affordable and accessible. Just contact us, and we will give you all the instructions to get your logistics processed fitted and more efficient.

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